About Me

Hello! My name is Anna Zalutska, and this is my brand page and my blog. I am a Professional Coach from Riga, Latvia. I believe that coaching is my calling. I enjoy people and appreciate the uniqueness of every human being. I love to see people transform and grow personally and professionally.

Are you interested in…

  • Transforming yourself?
  • Finding inspiration?
  • Motivation?
  • Understanding what is truly valuable to you?

I am, too. And I am sharing how I am getting there. Also, I am still new as a coach, so I am sharing some interesting things as I discover them. I am sharing my journey as an entrepreneur as well since I am starting my coaching business.

My path

I started my career as a software developer in 1999. I went a long way from being just a programmer to managing teams. Then I got interested in Agile Software Development and Servant Leadership until in summer 2017 a friend of mine told me about Erickson Professional Coaching courses. As a person of action, I enlisted as soon as I got inspired. Immediately I understood that this is what I have been searching for my whole life, what I am supposed to be doing. Now I am a practising individual and team coach both at work and outside.

That’s me

Anna Zalutska


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About me

Designed for Agile Leaders and Agile Coaches, this blog will be useful for anyone who is interested in improving communication skills, take relationship at work or at home to a new level. In this blog I focus on serving those who work with teams and lead people by talking about coaching skills and competencies.