Hi, I’m Anna

I became an IT professional because I wanted to be a programmer. I loved sitting at the computer for hours and code, which I did up until 2014.

I had a family, a successful career, but something was missing. I craved control over my life, to choose what to do, how, when. And to have enough time for my kids, my partner, my health, my hobbies. And it was impossible to fit everything I want into 24h, no matter how great I became at time management.

This search caused me to change various jobs and positions. But I met so many interesting people, saw multiple teams and companies. This experience helped me broaden my perception of what works and what doesn’t in the IT world.

MY specialities

Agile Coaching

Agile training, meeting facilitation, mentorship.

Team Coaching

Building a team culture and mindset.

Individual Approach

Individual approach to each person and each team.

Scrum Master

Servant Leadership for the development team.