Hello, my name is Anna Zalutska, and I am an Agile Practitioner from Riga, Latvia.

I worked as a C++ developer for 7 years, as Oracle Siebel specialist for 7 years, and as a team lead and project manager for 7 years. Some of those intersected at some point.

My Agile career started in 2012 after attending Agile Day Riga conference. Ever since I have been a practitioner, building my knowledge, deepening my understanding, and living Agile values and principles. Since 2015 I dedicated my work solely to Agile, working as a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach.

During the technical phase of my career, I have reached a quite high level of technical knowledge. This still helps me to understand challenges IT teams face every day.

Lately, my interests are psychology, anthropology, and professional coaching.

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